anne collod … & alters

The association ... & alters

Anne Collod … & alters, a non-profit association, in 2005. The association leads long-term choreographic projects on collective utopias, which find form in new productions, recreated productions, research, workshops and teaching.

The association’s multidisciplinary projects explore togetherness through dance in diverse contexts, and by reinterpreting 20th century choreographic works while investigating the related challenges of translation, interpretation and transmission.

Anne Collod is passionate about reviving, communicating, and passing on works which, in their heydays, opened up new possibilities for togetherness in different forms and with different aesthetics. Her recreated productions question the relevance of these works today and investigate their inspirational and critical dimensions in terms of the contemporary choreographic scene – the antithesis of a ‘museum’ approach. Anne’s revivals of these historic works are based on interpretations of Labanotation, scores (a sequential order of activities), and a diverse range of documents. The interpretations are developed into performances of the re-created productions for the stage or other spaces. The notion of transmission is an essential component in this process.

The focus on collective utopias incites … & alters to offer audiences productions that address social issues while asserting that movement has the ability to provide transformative experiences and invent new types of representation. The results primarily take the form of in-situ productions that bring contemporary dance and performance to audiences who are unfamiliar with it, in unusual spaces.

Deeply committed to transmission and sharing, … & alters creates teaching materials, art, and activities that align with the dynamics of its creative projects and research. In addition to visual forms and performances, the association delivers workshops and masterclasses to all types of audience, and organises talks, exhibitions, film screenings and more.
Anne Collod’s approach to creativity is multidisciplinary, inspiring her to work with experienced artists and young performers alike, and collaborate with choreographers as well as major artists in other fields.

Funding & partnerships:
The association … & alters eceives support from the Regional cultural affaires directorate (DRAC) for the Île-de-France, and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication via a structuration grant.

The association … & alters was the associated company at the Briqueterie/CDCN (National Choreographic Development Centre) in Val de Marne from 2014 to 2017 and received funding from the Departmental Council of Val de Marne.
For many years, the company has regularly received support from the Nimes Theatre, a Scène conventionnée d’intérêt national (contracted national theatre).

Anne Collod was also associate artist at the Arsenal de Metz in 2013 and at the Vanves theatre in 2014.

New productions & recreated productions:

The shows and work created by … & alters since launch include:

  • 2007: (faire) cabane - an in-situ production for amateurs devised in collaboration with designer Mathias Poisson
  • 2008: parades & changes, replays - a re-interpretation of Parades & Changes (1965) by Anna Halprin, show for 6 performers
  • 2009-2010: parades & changes, replays - tour in Europe, the US and Asia. parades & changes, replays - awarded the Bessie Award (New York Dance and Performance Award), Danses macabres - research project on the danse macabre (dance of death) which explores ties between the living and the dead and won the Aide à la Recherche et au Patrimoine grant from the CND (National Dance Centre) and was selected for the Programme Hors les Murs run by the French Institute
  • 2011: parades & changes, replay in expansion - creation phase and touring of the second reinterpretation of Parades & Changes (1965) by Anna Halprin
  • 2012- 2013: residencies in Mexico and Japan; tours of parades & changes, replay in expansion, Danse Macabre by Sigurd Leeder - reinterpretation and recording
  • 2014: Le parlement des invisibles creative - residency and creation
    La Décalée de Burthulet - in-situ promenade performance, workshops and creation
    Bons Baisers de Huntingtonland - creative residencies and creation with the DingDingDong collective
  • 2015: Le parlement des invisibles, and parades & changes, replay in expansion - tours, Exposure - immersive and promenade in-situ performances, research residencies
  • 2016: Blank placard dance, replay - re-creation of Blank Placard Dance by Anna Halprin (1967)
  • 2016 à 2017: creative residencies and creation of Exposure for the Val-de-Marne Dance Biennale
  • 2017 to 2018: international tours with Blank placard dance, replay
  • 2018 to 2019: creative residencies and creation of Incenses, then Moving alternatives, a critical reinterpretation of the work of Ruth Saint-Denis and Ted Shawn, at Montpellier Dance Festival 2019
  • 2019-2020: Moving alternatives - tours
  • 2020-2021: Alternative bodies - documentary series, filming of interviews CommUne Utopie, a show for young audiences inspired by scores by the US choreographer Anna Halprin, creative residencies and new production.